Case Study 1 – Two Story Addition

This project involved adding a two-story 800 sq. ft. addition to the end of an existing home that included: an expanded and upgraded kitchen with adjacent dining area; wrapping the chimney in field stone and removing existing exterior walls to make the fireplace/chimney a central feature of the addition; blending the old and new sections in a seamless, open design and adding decks on each exterior level.

End of house where addition was added.

Original kitchen was small, crowded, and outdated.

Adjacent living room with fireplace.  Exterior walls on either side of fireplace are removed leaving it free standing.

Excavation is complete and ready for footer and exterior walls to be poured.  Note the clean jobsite.

Footer and exterior walls have been poured and set.  Ground work for plumbing in place.  Almost ready for the basement slab to be poured.

First floor framing near completion.  Joists for second story underway.

Exterior framing and sheathing is done, roof trusses in place.

Interior work looking from living room into kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets being installed.

Hardwood floor and drywall complete.

Finished decks and exterior.

Finished porch on front of addition.

The elegant living room with the fireplace as centerpiece.

Center island and eating counter in kitchen.

Hallway that connects house to addition.