Case Study 2 – Home Remodeling

The main feature of this job was the addition of a master bedroom suite on the first floor, at the rear of this historic house in Leesburg. It included a new kitchen, adding an eating area, and also reworking several rooms in the existing house. The architect designed the exterior to blend with the historic district, while the interior features some cathedral ceilings and more contemporary open spaces and finishes. (All photos by R. Lauten except as noted.)

Interior at the start of the project.

This wall will be removed.

Outside the back door, looking into the red room at the start of the project.  Kitchen cabinets are stored on the back porch, on their way to the Habitat Re-store.

Now the porch is gone.

After the drywall has been removed, discovering the structure and mechanical systems.

Foundation for the new master bedroom addition, temporary support at removed walls.

Floor repairs at the interior of old part.

Roughing in plumbing for the master bath in preparation for pouring the slab. New framing is in place under the existing second floor.

Addition walls.

Beginning the roof framing.


Master bedroom starting to take shape.

Installing the metal roof.

Master bedroom at drywall stage.

Bedroom with furniture. (Photo by Morgan Howarth)

Master bath at the drywall stage.

Master bath with cabinets set.

Master bath ready to move in.

Master bath with furniture and decorated. (Photo by Morgan Howarth)

bathroom remodel

We did some work in this room too, including lowering the hearth and a new mantle.

Here is that fireplace ready to move in.

Here it is with furniture. (Photo by Morgan Howarth)

Exterior finished before landscaping.

Kitchen, as well as the new hallway to the master suite located at the center in the back.

Kitchen with cabinets, countertops and appliances installed.

Kitchen finished and decorated, and new eating area to the right. (Photo by Morgan Howarth)