“I’m impressed with how clean the job site has been kept. It helps so much to see the care brought to our home.” – Kristy P., Leesburg

“Mike and Scott are awesome professionals. They work and work all day, and I don’t even know if they stop for lunch. The door looks fabulous! I was here all day and watched the progress; Mike and Scott left the door area in better condition than it was the first time it was put in. They had to rip up some cherry flooring for rot, and you can hardly tell. The door sill is magnificent (!), and will keep out wet and moisture for many, many years, I am sure. I told them I wish I could get them to replace all my door sills, as the job they did is far superior to the first installation. AND they stayed tonight until the job was done. These men have two outstanding abilities: 1. They figure out excellent solutions to problems that pop up as they go along. 2. They work together. As they interact all day, their laughter is contagious–I find myself laughing out loud in another room! Just wanted to tell you. You have two really good guys. I appreciate you sending them our way. – Susan M., Leesburg

“We are thrilled with how things are going.” Kristy P., Leesburg

“My wife and I were thrilled yesterday to see everything put back together in the backyard! Thank You!” – Scott M., Purcellville

“When they leave it’s as if they were never here. They do such a good job cleaning up. The guys are lovely.” – Susan M., Leesburg

“Thank you so much. You are all the best.” – Christie P., Purcellville

“Brian did an excellent job. Very pleased with his work. I think this is the first time a contractor exceeded my expectations. Would definitely use Lauten again and recommend to friends. And very happy to be able to easily use our dryer again.” – Eryn G., Purcellville

“Shawn has done a great job and the kitchen looks great as it shapes up.” – Paul K., Leesburg

“I AM SO SO happy with the work and craftsmanship! SO excited!” – Signy R., Ashburn

“I remain very impressed by your team’s level of effort, attention to detail, quality of work, and going the extra mile to make sure the job was done correctly as unexpected challenges were discovered. The team was very mindful as they were doing the work to leave the site (our home) in clean and orderly manner each and every day. As often happens with a home improvement or refurbishment engagement, additional challenges were discovered as the job progressed. While other contractors may have simply stated “not in scope” or “not our issue”, your team brought the issues to our attention and in collaboration with your office we were able to make sure that the work was done and done right. Thank you again to Brian, James, and the Lauten team for their hard work and effort on our behalf.” – Kevin W., Leesburg

“The shower looks like a work of art, Brad should really be proud of his work.” – Bijan G., Leesburg

“Somehow the wires to our water pump got crushed, and we had no water. I think the tree people may have mistakenly hit them while they were clearing out the trees. Brian found the problem, patched the wires, and got our water working again. I’ll get the plumber out tomorrow, but I appreciated Brian’s help. It is really great that you have employees that go above and beyond for your clients. People like that make all the difference.” – Kristy P., Leesburg

“Brad is doing an awesome job. His attention to detail is amazing.” – Cathering G., Leesburg

“We are so happy with how everything turned out in the two bathrooms. They’re even better than we imagined!” – Rebecca L., Ashburn

“I’m amazed on everything they were able to get done in such a short amount of time. Friends that were here two weeks ago were amazed as well.” Anne F., Hillsboro

“Lauten Construction did a terrific job transforming our house into a home our family plans to live in for many years. The staff was on-time, polite and respectful of my family’s privacy, and did the work in a timely manner. The work itself was A-1 and we are very pleased with the results. This is a company that will consistently communicate with you about your vision for your renovation and do their best to make it happen. Thank you for working with us to create our “dream” kitchen.” – John and Lori P., Leesburg

What a great experience with you guys, we are thoroughly pleased and love the end result in every way.” – Bijan G., Leesburg

“Our repair was somewhat complicated with concurring issues related to long term water damage from a faulty door installation and more recent water damage due to Hurricane Sandy last fall. Drew’s repair proposal was reasonable and affordable. He and his crew were intelligent, professional and always called and showed up when they said they would (this is no small thing if you’ve ever had to work with contractors in this area.) Finally, the most important part of this experience is that they did a great job. The install looks nice and appears to be airtight and solid. I will definitely recommend this contractor to my neighbors.” – Charlotte B., Berryville

“You all have been amazing to work with and we are truly looking forward to doing business again soon.” – Stephanie C., Leesburg

“I was very lucky to have you as a contractor. The house looks beautiful, especially the kitchen/dining area. You did all the hard work, and now I can just look forward to the easy stuff like decorating!” – Elaine S., Middleburg